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Economic inequality, with the rich showing off their wealth and superiority, is based on false beliefs about what makes us happy.

The Pandemic Gives Us Time to Ask What Makes Life Meaningful? in Psychology Today

Rich countries ship their own waste, especially plastic waste, out of sight while poorer countries who import shiploads of waste receive the brunt of the toxic effects.

Can we electrify our way out of climate change – or do the rich also need to consume less? in Developing Economics

People end up running after more income and competing incessantly with others, but without increasing their own well-being.

Make Black Friday meaningful: Give gifts that matter to people in the NY Daily News

In Big Tech and many other increasingly concentrated sectors, deregulation does not increase competition; on the contrary, it allows big companies to rig things in their favor.

What America Needs to Understand About Capitalism in Project Syndicate

The rich pollute the most and suffer the least from pollution.

Luxurious Lifestyles Are Hurting Us and the Earth in Psychology Today

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